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Space Weather Girl



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Space Weather Girl creates media which fulfills three ethical pillars. These pillars are namely

Media that is Entertaining

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Media that is Informative


Media that is 

Space Weather Girl believes that bias becomes harmful when it is unconscious and acted upon. We look at the ways in which bias in media creation can be practically addressed in order to promote more diverse, compassionate and ethical working environments, narratives and creations. We believe that watching media takes up space in people’s physical and mental lives, and that it should be an honor to take up that space.

We don’t discriminate based on medium. In fact, we view mediums as tools which can be explored to achieve different creative goals.

We are multilateral in our way of thinking, working and creating. We embody the spirit of the multifaceted and passionate girl on a quest. We view new media technologies as exciting new worlds to explore.

Backed by logistical and creative production expertise and fueled by a love of healthy media evolution, we aim to work with our partners, peers and clients to achieve extraordinary creative outcomes and environments on all projects we endeavor upon.

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