Commercial Campaign

Amstelvelder Cheese

Amstelvelder Cheese

Space Weather Girl was thrilled to produce the behind-the-scenes look at kosher cheese making for New York based Heartworks Media.

The crew got to capture the entire cheese process from being blessed by the rabbi to the factory process and of course the delicious end result.

Factory Capture

In the unique setting of a bustling cheese factory, our film production team embarked on a captivating journey to capture the essence of artisanal craftsmanship. Nestled amidst the aromatic embrace of aging cheeses and the hum of machinery, the factory provided a visually stunning backdrop for our narrative. The challenge of balancing the precision of the cheese-making process with the spontaneity of our characters' interactions created a dynamic tension that translated beautifully on screen.

The piece was used to promote Amstelvelder Cheese in the US.