Space weather girl

is a collaborative production house producing films, live shows, immersive and social creative projects. 

We write, edit, develop and produce projects which aim to inspire, inform and evolve.

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Step into the dynamic realm of 21st-century media and entertainment, where we embody the spirit of the multifaceted and passionate girl on a quest. Welcome to Space Weather Girl, a trailblazer who perceives media bias as a challenge that must be conquered. It's not just about identifying bias; it's about eradicating it from the very core of media creation. From film beginnings to immersive theatre extravaganzas, no star is too far.  


Enriched with her own human experience, Space Weather Girl stands for collaboration and a commitment. Media isn't just content; it's a part of people's lives. And for Space Weather Girl, it's a responsibility to occupy that space with honor.


No medium is left untouched; Like diverse elements in a lush rainforest, each medium contributes a unique hue to the ever-evolving world of creativity. Embracing a multi-disciplinary approach, we embody the spirit of an impassioned seeker, unearthing different mediums with fervor. Space Weather Girl promotes that the Arts and the Sciences overlap and inspire each other, resulting in work that challenges perceptions.


In this narrative landscape, new media technologies are gateways to thrilling uncharted territories. The force behind this exhilarating journey? A fusion of logistical production prowess and creative ingenuity, driven by an unwavering devotion to the evolution of healthy media. Collaborating with partners, peers, and clients isn't just a task – it's a mission to orchestrate extraordinary outcomes by a media production house that puts people first.


Space Weather Girl's commitment extends beyond boundaries, encompassing people, planet, and profit in all of our operations and creative endeavors.


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Documentary Short Film

Will There Be Dancing

A Cannes Short Film Festival Award-Winning Documentary

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Narrative Feature Film

The Blacklight

A Theatrical rendezvous with the Dark Action Comedy genre

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Immersive Experience

Space Meditation Experience

Embark on a Cosmic Journey Within

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Immersive Experience


An Immersive Non-Linear Narrative Experience

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Commercial Campaign

Amstelvelder Cheese

A Lesson in Cheesemaking

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Feng Shui For Millennials

A beginner's guide to an abundant home and life amidst your millennial crisis.

Team roster

With a changing media environment, we pride ourselves in working with different teams and partners. Our production house team roster is a vibrant blend of creative minds, experts in their field, and talented media enthusiasts in all respects. Through our collaborative work ethic, we consistently deliver exceptional media and stay at the forefront of media trends and best practices. We work with writers, filmmakers, dancers, magicians and astronauts. We work with humans and aliens. You get the drift.  

Welcome to the exhilarating expedition led by Space Weather Girl – where media transforms into an odyssey of boundless possibilities.