Narrative Feature Film

The Blacklight

The Blacklight


Imagine a bunch of villains fighting for the same supernatural object and constantly getting in each other’s way. This sums up - "The Blacklight" —a dark action comedy that not only graced the silver screen but also illuminated the hearts of audiences across the United States with its theatrical release at AMC Theatres.

The Journey

The Indie path to the big screen is a labyrinth of dedication, talent, Upstate snow falls and late nights. Directed by long time collaborator, the talented Nick Snow, "The Blacklight" is a cinematic treat that embodies the art of dark comedy storytelling in its purest form. This feature film stands as a testament to the power of humor, good screenwriting and suspense to captivate, enthrall, and inspire.

The Story

"The Blacklight" invites you on a wildly entertaining chase through the human experience of some unsavory individuals, filled with unexpected twists. Its stellar ensemble cast brings unforgettable characters to life in a narrative that will have you laughing, gasping, and on the edge of your seat throughout.

Theatrical Release at AMC Theatres

"The Blacklight" made its mark by securing a theatrical release at AMC Theatres—a testament to its exceptional cast, and the filmmakers' commitment to sharing their vision with a wide commercial audience. Audiences at AMC Theatres across the United States were treated to an uproarious and unforgettable experience on the big screen.

Experience the nuances of "The Blacklight" for yourself available for streaming on Amazon.