Documentary Short Film

Will There Be Dancing

Will There Be Dancing

Exploring Creativity on our quests to Outer Space


"Will There Be Dancing" is an exploration of creativity within the awe-inspiring domain of space exploration, redefining the boundaries of the humanities and science.

The Journey

"Will There Be Dancing" was created in between COVID 19 lockdowns in New City. Space Weather Girl was grateful to have access to Candle Light and Grip’s studios in New York where interviews were conducted with esteemed speakers the space community via video call. Correspondents included: Stephen Petranek - TED speaker, author and contributor for Elon Musk at SpaceX; former senior editor for science atLife Magazine. Pascal Lee - Planetary Scientist at NASA; Founder of the SETIInstitute; Director, HAUGHTON-MARS PROJECT; Chairman, MARSINSTITUTE. Dr Wendy Whitman Cobb -Associate Professor of Strategy andSecurity Studies and Author - Privatizing Peace: How commerce can reduce conflict in space. Kate Greene - Author of Once Upon a Time I Lived on Mars; Writer on NASA’s first HI-SEAS mission, a simulated Martian environment located on the slopes of Mauna Loa inHawaii.

The Story

“Will There Be Dancing” invites you on a storyteller’s mission that fuses the wonders of space exploration with the boundless depths of human creativity. From captivating interviews with pioneering astronauts to breathtaking visuals barren Martian landscapes, this documentary immerses you in a discussion rooted in taking an artist’s perspective and approach on complex scientific questions such as, “Will There Be Dancing on Mars?”.

Recognition at Cannes

In 2020, the Cannes Short Film Festival awarded the film with Best Documentary Short. This recognition is a tribute to the film's ability to merge science and art, captivating audiences and igniting their curiosity about our planet and other possible planetary homes.


"Will There BeDancing" is more than a documentary; it's a cosmic catalyst for change. It has sparked discussions, and fostered an appreciation for space exploration, also having been featured in the curated science magazine, Labocine. It is a successful exploration and product of what happens when we blend the humanities/ arts and the sciences - one of Space Weather Girl’s main values. The film is a strong proponent of the United Nations SDG’s for space. It serves as a powerful reminder that the stars are not beyond our reach, and creativity knows no bounds when exploring the complex mysteries of the universe.