Feng Shui For Millennials

Feng Shui For Millennials

A beginner's guide to an abundant home and life amidst your millennial crisis.


Millennials are constantly seeking balance, purpose, and style. It is no doubt that we got the short end of the historical stick. Enter "Feng Shui for Millennials," a do it yourself book that reimagines the ancient art of feng shui for the disillusioned millennial generation. This tongue-in-cheek guide empowers millennials to take charge of their spaces, their lives, and their generational destinies.

The Challenge

Traditional Meets Contemporary: Feng shui, an age-old practice rooted in Chinese philosophy, has often felt inaccessible and outdated to younger generations. Our challenge was to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern living, making feng shui relatable and relevant to this tech-savvy generation.

The Approach

A Playful Approach

"Feng Shui for Millennials" takes a humorous and light-hearted approach to feng shui, making it accessible and enjoyable for readers. The book's witty anecdotes, relatable scenarios, and tongue-in-cheek advice resonate with millennials looking to bring balance and harmony into their lives.

Digital Integration

Recognizing that millennials live in a digital world, the book includes practical tips on how to harmonize tech devices within living spaces. It offers creative solutions for managing the digital clutter that often overwhelms modern life - and is also available as an ebook, for the millennial that has left analog behind.

Practical Design Tips

The book combines feng shui principles with contemporary design concepts, offering actionable advice on decorating spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and energetically balanced. From furniture placement to color schemes, readers gain practical insights for creating harmonious environments.

Real-Life Success Stories

"Feng Shui for Millennials" showcases real-life success stories from millennials who have applied its principles. These relatable examples inspire readers to embrace feng shui as a tool for personal and professional growth.

The Impact

Empowered Millennials

Readers of "Feng Shui for Millennials" have reported feeling more empowered and in control of their lives. By applying the book's principles and relating to the “millennial crisis”, they have transformed their living spaces and, subsequently, their overall well-being.

Positive Reviews

The book has received great reviews for its witty and engaging style, making it a hit among millennials seeking a fresh perspective on feng shui. It has garnered praise for its ability to bring ancient wisdom into the digital age with humor and relevance.

A Continuing Cultural Shift

"Feng Shui for Millennials" encourages millennials to embrace feng shui as a tool for self-improvement and balance. It has opened doors to a new generation of feng shui enthusiasts.


"Feng Shui for Millennials" stands as a testament to the power of reimagining tradition for a new era. This innovative book has bridged the gap between ancient wisdom and modern living, empowering millennials to create harmonious, stylish, and balanced lives. Its witty approach, practical advice, and real-life stories have reshaped the way millennials view feng shui, making it more accessible and relevant than ever before.

"Feng Shui for Millennials" is available for purchase on Amazon.